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Our own immune system is the most potent resource for treating and eliminating diseases including flu, colds, and many types of infections.

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About Del-Immune V

For Immediate Immune System Support

At times, the body requires assistance in its job of protecting itself, and Del-Immune V® - our flagship product - has been shown to do just that.  Del-Immune V® is a natural immune modulator that acts as a first responder when immune help is needed.  Each Del-Immune V® capsule contains approximately 2 billion cell fragments from a special strain of lactobacillus, or probiotic (aka, “friendly") bacteria. These cell fragments contain biological substances – identified as muramyl peptides, DNA, and amino acids – that account for the stimulation of immune response.  

Put a little more simply, our products invigorate your body's innate immune system, helping you stay healthier.


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Nutrition, Immunity, and Aging

What are the Effects of Aging on Your Immune System? 50 Resources to Better Understand How the Immune System Changes As We Age

Your immune system plays a critical role in your health, as it protects you from infections and disease. Composed of specialized cells, proteins, tissue, and organs, the immune system works to protect us from invading microorganisms and germs each and every day.

immune system defense lines

Can You Get Sick from Lack of Sleep? How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Immune System

People who do not get enough sleep are at a greater risk of developing serious health issues like heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. By some accounts, 90% of people with insomnia also have another health condition.

immune system defense lines

What are the Immune System Lines of Defense?

The immune system, a network of cells, tissues, and organs, protects the body from infection and disease. Invading viruses, bacteria, and other microbes try to invade the body, and the immune system targets them while leaving healthy tissues alone. The immune system does this by recognizing proteins on the surfaces of cells and responding in order to address the problem.

Provide Your Pet with Immediate Immune Support

Did you know that pets, like humans, experience immune issues related to their daily stress? According to Dr. Steven Sanderlin, DVM, when a pet is under stress, immune support is one of the first areas of their health affected.

For acute issues or daily immune support, Pet Immune PlusTM is specially formulated to provide comprehensive immune support for dogs and cat breeds.

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