Winning the Winter Flu Bug Battle with Nutritional Supplements

Flu season ahead

By Dr. Roger Mazlen, M.D., F.A.C.N.

My private practice has spanned more than four decades, and I have treated patients with a diverse range of medical issues. I have been recommending Del-Immune V® nutritional supplements to my patients for many years, and recently I began making Del-Immune V® 100 mg an important part of the treatments I utilize both in my practice and in my personal life.

Immune function is absolutely vital in battling viruses such as the fl u and other winter bugs as well as fending off bacteria, germs and other bodily invaders that can compromise health. In fact, I take Del-Immune V® myself and I can say without hesitation that I have not had to take a sick day off in at least 8 years due to an infection. If I feel like I have something coming on such as an upper respiratory infection, I take 4 to 6 Del-Immune V® capsules immediately, and I am usually feeling fine within 24 hours.

Del-Immune V® is also an integral part of my family’s health regimen. Years ago when I first heard about Del-Immune V®, my wife was a teacher in the New York City school system and she was exposed to numerous illness-causing germs almost every day in the classroom. As you might imagine, she was out sick for some period of time almost every school year, particularly during the late fall and winter months when flu and colds are most prevalent. So, based on what I had read about Del-Immune V®, I was curious whether the supplement could help. And it did, providing what I consider to be exceptional results. To this day, my wife still takes Del-Immune V®. My children and my grandchildren take it too, and I am confident in knowing that it does not have any adverse effects as some other supplements and prescription medications can have.

Specific to the flu, the key to remaining healthy here in the fall and through the winter is what I call the “early and often approach” – because once the fl u gets established, it is very difficult to treat. I tell my patients that with the first sign of any symptoms such as persistent sniffles, hacking cough that won’t go away, a feeling of malaise and possibly a low grade fever, they should take action right away and continue it. Th e strategy is to suppress the virus, and with Del-Immune V® your immune system is rapidly transformed into anti-viral defense mode, releasing cytokines which fight off viruses.

Furthermore, even if you are not experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is a good idea to take Del-Immune V® on a regular basis…not only to thwart the fl u, colds and other illnesses associated with the fall and winter season, but as a way of helping your immune system respond faster and more effectively to many different kinds of threats to your health throughout the year.*

Dr. Mazlen, whose practice is located in Roslyn, New York, is a former Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member of the American College of Nutrition and he served as a Clinical Associate at the National Institute of Health. He was formerly a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical School and Hospital for over three decades.

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