del-IMMUNE V® and Kids

Elin Ritchie, M.D. is a medical doctor trained in Canada at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. She graduated from medical school in 1992, and from a family practice residency program in 1994. She is a Board Certified member of the American College of Family Practice (ACFP). Dr. Ritchie currently practices integrative medicine in Taos, New Mexico.


As I’m writing, I’m listening to my little baby sleep. As a nursing mom, I want the best for him. I dream about his life and I want him to have happiness is all areas of his life when he grows up. Isn’t that what you want for your baby? This is a normal human desire.

I recommend del-IMMUNE V® to moms and kids in my practice. It’s become a natural part of my professional and home life. When children come in for immunizations, I suggest a week or two of del-IMMUNE V® before they get their shots. Evidence suggests that del-IMMUNE V® increases our body’s positive response to immunizations. When we decide to immunize kids, we do it  so they develop antibodies to diseases like polio, measles and so forth. These illnesses are so rare now that we aren’t very afraid of them, but if you’ve ever seen a serious case, you know why we immunize. Using del-IMMUNE V® along with the shots is a safe way to further decrease the chances of our children getting these diseases.

Many people ask me if del-IMMUNE V® is safe for children. In my experience in family practice and my knowledge of the supplement as a medical doctor, I’ve found del-IMMUNE V® to be very safe for children. When we have a cold or other illness going around our community, my kids have their del-IMMUNE V® every day to brace their immune systems to fight off the infectious illnesses. We have a busy house with three kids and all their activities. We really don’t want to interrupt their school or recreational activities for sick time.

Now the disclaimer: I do use del-IMMUNE V® for myself and for all my kids, however the FDA hasn’t reviewed the supplement to confirm its safety. You should choose yourself whether it’s right for you and your family. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about del-IMMUNE V®.

Dr. Elin Ritchie may be contacted by email at Include the word “del-IMMUNE” in the subject line of your email.


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